Precision and reliability

Features of all Streicher maschines

Product features

  • Clarity and space savings thanks to a clear and compact machine concept

  • Attractive design with an illuminated work area

  • Production in the unmanned shift using a torque measuring device

  • Depending on the geometry of the parts to be processed, either mechanically operating feed devices or electromagnetic vibratory conveyor feed devices are used

  • No tumbling

  • Impeccable thread quality

Safety in operation

  • Mechanical and electrical safety devices ensure the greatest possible protection for people and machines 
  • Easy handling and quick tool change

Quality assurance

  • Curves and guide cartridges guide the tap absolutely true to the pitch
  • All machines are state-of-the-art and meet the CE requirements of the Machinery Directive
  • The large flow of coolant effectively lubricates the tap and thus enables a high cutting speed with a long tool life. At the same time, it keeps all machine and tool parts clean. Even after a long period of operation, no chips can get stuck anywhere.
  • A shut-off valve closes the access to the parts discharge belt in the event of a fault. This means that only perfect nuts get into the prefabricated parts container
  • Chips that arise are transported out of the machine almost oil-free with a magnetic roller or a conveyor belt

Our machines

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