Single / Double spindle automatic nut tapping machine


Single / Double spindle automatic nut tapping machine

Fully automatic tapping of nuts with through-hole threads.

The central feature of the machine is a tap spindle which functions in accordance with the overtravel principal (bent shank). 

All kinds of standard nuts, flange nuts, cone and collar nuts as well as 12-point nuts and special nuts can be machined. The thread length may be maximally twice the size of the thread diameter. 

The low cost machine is mechanically controlled and electrically monitored. 

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Thread dimensionM5 - M10M5 - M16M16 - M33
Number of spindles222
Max. outside diameter of parts25 mm32 mm60 mm
Max. width across flats (standard nuts)22 mm27 mm50 mm
Power of spindle motor4 kW9,7 kW13,2 kW
Speed range400 - 5000 rpm400 - 5000 rpm200 - 1600 rpm
Max. output (square/hex nuts)19700 pcs./h19700 pcs./h5950 pcs./h
Max. output (flange nuts)11090 pcs./h11090 pcs./h3530 pcs./h
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